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The DigitalGlobe Foundation can provide moderate amounts, up to +/-1000 sq. km., (we are flexible and will evaluate on a case by case basis) of our QuickBird, GeoEye-1, WorldView-1, and WorldView-2, and WorldView-3 Standard Imagery products (no mosaics, stereo, or color balancing, all data is single band imagery) produced from archive imagery collected and owned by DigitalGlobe. To learn more about DigitalGlobe's Standard Imagery products please visit

New collections, imagery not owned by DigitalGlobe (e.g. owned by the company's regional business partners overseas), and higher level products, such as ortho-rectified, or products with DEM (digital elevation model) cannot be provided. Imagery may be shared with others for purposes related to this research effort. Imagery may not be re-sold. Imagery may not be used commercially in any fashion or provided to others who may use it commercially.

When imagery is presented, published or posted there must be a proper and distinct credit to the "DigitalGlobe Foundation," as well as a verbal credit and acknowledgement during any presentations. No image published or otherwise used pursuant to these Usage Rules may be modified, altered or supplemented in any way without the express written consent of DigitalGlobe, Inc

All fields in the application are required, however please make sure to provide the following in order to more forward with the application review process:
1.) University (educational institution) email address when applicable.
2.) Shapefile of area of interest. This can be created in ImageFinder.
3.) List of Catalog ID's from ImageFinder

All fields are required.


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If you have any questions concerning your imagery request information, please contact Mr. Devon I. Libby at